Art Entrepreneur Course

Make your hobby earn for you, learn art from the basics and go professional in just 6 months

Graphite Masterclass (Module-1)

Module 1.1

In this section you will learn all the basics in sketching and drawing  in the most scientific manner and understand how to implement elements of art and art fundamentals in the drawings. 

Module 1.2

Implementation of art fundamentals in multiple exercises and not only to learn advanced drawing and shading techniques but also master them.

Module 1.3

This module allows you to become independent, make your own decisions and  Create your own masterpiece. 

Watercolour Masterclass (Module-2)

Module 2.1

Consists of Important fundamental concepts i.e. Elements of art, Principles of art, Colour theory, Watercolour basics, colour mixing techniques, and other concepts related to painting.

Module 2.2

You will learn the following:

  • How to make an impressive composition for making a successful painting.
  • Master the use of various watercolour materials & techniques including error handling skills.
  • Systemic analysis and selection in watercolour technique to determine specific result of given subject.

Module 2.3

Painting projects which will include impressionism, realism and hyperrealism techniques.

Entrepreneur Masterclass (Module-3)

Module 3.1

Entrepreneur Masterclass

You will be able to take up commission works in both Graphite & watercolours. This will help you scale up in the sizes of the works you undertake.

You will be able to paint any complex subject like a master artist and take up any commission work with utmost confidence within a short period of time. You will paint in international standards and will be confident to take part in art contests by the end of the course.

You can take up and complete one or more works during the course with my guidance. 

Module 3.2

Master Teaching Skills

This module will enable you to teach  efficiently through workshops, offline courses and online courses after which you will be able to design, promote and launch your own courses. 

This module  will also help you promote and brand yourself confidently.

You will be encouraged to conduct an online workshop and also be fully equipped to launch your offline /online courses by the end of 6 months.

Module 3.3

Technical Expertise

In this module basics in photo editing, photoshop, graphic designing, video editing  and NLP will be included. An expert will step in and train you for these as and when required  which will be a part of this life changing art entrepreneur programme.