So, What's It Really Like?


Episode #5: My Next Guest Took On Body Shaming and Ageism and is now a Runway Model at 62.

Get ready for a double dose of inspiration with Dinesh Mohan whose story of personal transformation is just the motivation we all need to reverse not our age, but our attitude to it.

He went from over weight and bed ridden at 53 to being a model who walked the ramp at 56. Today at 62 his modelling and acting career have never been stronger.

“ It is easy to change on the outside by wearing clothes and make up but on the inside if you are defeated, nothing can save you," says Dinesh. But it wasn’t always like this. Far from it. I ask Dinesh why he described himself as not long ago being ‘ fat and sick’ – was he being unfairly harsh on himself?

“ I indulge in no age shaming of any kind but in my case I was eating to punish myself and the result was for six years I could only walk with assistance then was fully bed ridden for 10 months. So in my case, I was being brutally honest.”

How did he go from being unable to walk to walking runways, modeling and then acting in movie as if to the role born? WATCH now.



Episode #4 Indian Women Talk Monogamy and " More" . 


I am so excited to bring you my new interview series ..

 So, What's It Really Like?

This Season, I ask my guests what you've always wanted to know about their love-life and relationships. From Pradhyuman Maloo of Indian matchmaking  to newly wed couples of Indian and Black descent in a racially divided America, to my next guest Ma Anand Sheela who doesn't hold back on her views about Love and 'the Cult' you won't want to miss a single Episode.

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In this episode on love and relationships I talk to two young Indian women who question the one big assumption of a committed relationship - Monogamy. My guests Pallavi Barnwal an intimacy coach and Ketki Joshi a communications professional, delve into the realities of monogamy, tell us how they make it  work or when to acknowledge it isn't working, and let me in on an open secret that makes my jaw drop.


Amrita Gandhi


I am so excited to bring you my new interview series ..

 So, What's It Really Like?

This Season, I ask my guests what you've always wanted to know about their love-life and relationships and sense of self. Meet a 62 year old Indian Runway model who broke ageist sterotypes, or a cast member of the Netflix reality show Indian matchmaking who took on bullying by trolls.  Talk identity, race and love with newly wed couples of Indian and Black descent in  America, listen to two Indian women share their personal views about monogamy or the hear controversial Ma Anand Sheela give us her take on Love and 'the Cult' . You won't want to miss a single Episode.

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Yes, I'm Amrita, also known as  Amreckta, Ameritra and even, Amerika. My name is about the most inconvenient first name out there for a coffee. Never I didn't expect someone without a South Asian or Indian background to pronounce the 'iths' and 'riths' of my desi name but now things are changing for me.  I speak to some amazing, witty, bright young Desi Americans who share  the story of the jaw dropping an hilarious mutations of their names and why they  have now started to get people to say it properly.  Great collaborationg with THE QUINT for this video.

SO, WHAT'S IT REALLY LIKE: Episode #2 Indian Matchmaking's Pradhyuman Opens Up About Why He Confronted On-Line Bullies Head On

"I show emotions, I show my weaknesses, and yes I am man enough".

In this episode of So, What's It Really Like?  with Indian matchmaking's Pradhyuman Maloo, we meet the man who took on vicious trolls to spark a meaningful conversation on the stereotypes of ' masculinity'. SO, WHAT'S IT REALLY LIKE to be this contestant from Indian Matchmaking, whose lifestyle as a connoisseur of the finer things had him labelled not ' manly enough'.  Insensitive online bullying wasn't enough to put off Mumbai's Pradhyuman from talking about what in his opinion it really takes to 'be a man'. Showing emotions, showing weakness, being yourself, and not editing who you are for others. And letting the online troll army know that their words could have unintended real life consequence


SO, WHAT'S IT REALLY LIKE: Episode #1 Being In A Black Indian Relationship In America


In this New full episode of So, What's It Really Like our young Black-Indian couples reveal why they had to look deep into their own relationship with their families. Angelica reflects on how parental attitudes had once influenced her dating preferences, while Leah describes how her hopes of broadening her mother's perspectives did not bear fruit. John and Kendall have this to say about why the model minority needs to stop trying to fit into a box. In this eye opening conversation with two young couples I hear first hand the story of being in a black-Indian relationship in 2020. Watch their truly inspiring love stories.

Read their story featured in my piece in The Hindu.


Work and Blog


I love looking back at my years as the anchor for Royal Reservation on NDTV Good Times. So much hard work with an amazing and at times very small crew went into making a show that looked grand, glam, and fun. And just like all families, no two royal families are like either. Check out some of most popular episodes...



This is one family that loves to throw a good party. I get the hostess to tell me how she and her three daughters keep their cool while guests pour in for their famous Rampuri food. And after the party we get them to pose for an old fashioned studio style photo in their own home by ace photograper Clare Arni.


Prince Manvendra Gohil of Rajpila took a chance when he came out as gay. But the people of Rajpipla in Gujerat did not disappoint. Not only did they accept him, they also lauded him for having the courage to speak the truth.

My trip to Rajpipla is one I will never forget. When I walked in to this modern palace, it was painted a happy pink and keeping up with the times by being a set for Bhopuri films.


Nothing says Indian royalty quite like Jaipur. This is where I see royalty in in full regalia at a pooja for ancient weapons.

I also meet modern a day princess, and was given a seat at the commentators chair at a polo match. Was my gift of the gab match enough for 8 horses and their polo stick brandishing players?


Raja Ravi Varma's portraits in the museum, amazing secret fountain courtyards and stories of Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad who made a symbolic gesture of protest against the British Raj during the Delhi Darbaar of 1911.
Oh and yes this is also the birthplace of Indiraraje Gaekwad, Rajmata Gayatri Devi's mother.







Gandhi said she started the show, which is available on her website and Instagram account, to “really connect with people in the way that you or I might want to ask them what their lives are really like at a particular point 


 “My first thought when we began was ‘How do I do this without being ridiculous, and without riding on clichés?’” Her answer lay in a quiet voice within that said dwelling on sheer opulence for its own sake was a spiritless endeavour. “Luxury without a story to it, I knew, was in poor taste.”


 “I wanted the book to be guide to everything royal and how it can be incorporated in our daily lives. For the décor ideas too, I have written in a way that some of the concepts can be easily adapted to a small city flat," says Gandhi. 


Referring to Mahatma Gandhi as ‘Bapu’, she adds, “Like most people, I know my great-grandfather, or Bapu, as we all call him, through family photographs, stories and letters.”

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