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Join me as I meet inspiring people of all ages with unique perspectives on relationships, beauty standards, ageism and work life culture we can all learn from.  


Beauty standards. What are they and why do we still conform? Ageism- is there a cut-off age to achieving your goals- I think not. Workplace culture- is it designed to help women, mothers, caregivers, new moms, breastfeeding moms, or do we still have a long way to go.


What are your ideas? I would love to hear from you if these themes mean something to you. Drop me a line.




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How My Next Guest Took On Body-Shaming and Ageism and is now a Runway Model at 62.

Get ready for a double dose of inspiration with Dinesh Mohan whose story of personal transformation is just the motivation we all need to reverse not our age, but our attitude to it.
He went from overweight and bedridden at 53 to being a model who walked the ramp at 56. Today at 62 his modelling and acting career have never been stronger.
“ It is easy to change on the outside by wearing clothes and makeup but on the inside if you are defeated, nothing can save you," says Dinesh. But it wasn’t always like this. Far from it. I ask Dinesh why he described himself as not long ago being ‘ fat and sick’ – was he being unfairly harsh on himself?
“ I indulge in no body shaming of any kind but in my case, I was eating to punish myself and the result was for six years I could only walk with assistance then was fully bedridden for 10 months. So in my case, I was being brutally honest.”
How did he go from being unable to walk to walking runways, modeling, and then acting in movies as if to the role born? 

Indian Matchmaking's Pradhyuman Opens Up About Why He Confronted On-Line Bullies Head On

"I show emotions, I show my weaknesses, and yes I am man enough".

In this episode of So, What's It Really Like?  with Indian matchmaking's Pradhyuman Maloo, we meet the man who took on vicious trolls to spark a meaningful conversation on the stereotypes of ' masculinity'. SO, WHAT'S IT REALLY LIKE to be this contestant from Indian Matchmaking, whose lifestyle as a connoisseur of the finer things had him labelled not ' manly enough'.  Insensitive online bullying wasn't enough to put off Mumbai's Pradhyuman from talking about what in his opinion it really takes to 'be a man'. Showing emotions, showing weakness, being yourself, and not editing who you are for others. And letting the online troll army know that their words could have unintended real-life consequences.

Featured on - India Currents

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You must remember me from Royal Reservation  

I love looking back at my years as the anchor for Royal Reservation on NDTV Good Times. So much hard work with an amazing and at times very small crew went into making a show that looked grand, glam, and fun. And just like all families, no two royal families are like either. Check out some of most popular episodes.

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