Work, Home, Motherhood. The Big Debate Solved Here.

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Today when I write this I am officially not a working woman. I quit a great job six months ago simply because I felt I couldn't cope. I just couldn't cope with being away from my new baby and my 9-year-old for 9 hours a day. No matter how lovely and understanding my employees were I felt guilty taking those ' baby is sick' days off work and felt terrible when for months on end I wouldn’t be back in time to even have dinner with the family.

I’d be back home just 15 minutes before their bedtime.

But then the only thing worse than working seemed to be- not working.

But then the only thing worse than working seemed to be- not working. Because that comes with an immense loss of identity and purpose, and the worst part is, I would become one of ' those women' who talks too much to anyone she meets in the local park because she hasn't had an adult conversation all day.

Turns out, I wasn't the only one feeling like this- a 2018 survey as I reported in this story for Quint Fit said that half the working mothers in India who quit, wanted to get back to work and about of half of those who worked wanted to stay at home. It just shows the impossible catch 22 that work-life balance for a working mother turns out to be-and nobody could have articulated it better than the women I spoke to for this story for Quint Fit.

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