Diaspora And The Lockdown. Not A Perfect Match.

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

No two lockdowns are the same, is one thing I have learnt. But is there something unique to the Desi diaspora's lockdown?

Well for one I think that what's really hard for Indians anywhere is that they crave human connection with their loved ones. Our massive diaspora means we invariably have dear ones in another country and the fact that you can't be with them when you want to causes a lot of pain. The " What If " something happens to them and

“ Grieving in anticipation” are legit mental health concerns says therapist Ulash Dunlap. Ulash is a dear friend who specializes in ‘Minority Mental health’ and works with the San Francisco mental health board. She explains that why even those South Asians who live in joint families are struggling during lockdown. Listen to her fascinating insights.

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