Seeing Colours Express Themselves The Moment They Come In Contact With Textured Paper Is Sheer Magic! After Years Of Using Watercolour, The Excitement I Derive Is Just The Same As Day One. Such Is The Beauty Of Watercolour – It Is Exquisite. The Detailing One Can Achieve With This Medium Is Matchless.

Once One Has Mastered It, Watercolour Allows Itself To Be Tamed. The Vibrancy, The Granular Nature, And The Unpredictability Hold The Key To The Beauty Of Watercolour As A Medium. Achieving This Requires Keen Attention To Technique And Use Of The Right Materials. I Encourage Anyone And Everyone To Experience What I Have – An Ever-Growing Love Story With Watercolour.


Less Paraphernalia, Great Detailing, Ease Of Corrections, And Faster Completion Keep Me Hooked To This Medium! Graphite And Watercolour Work On The Same Principles Of Going From Light To Dark And Saving Whites.

This Similarity Worked To My Advantage In Getting The Best Out Of Watercolour. The Monochrome Medium Of Graphite Is Hassle-Free And Is The Most Preferred Medium For Travel Sketches As Well As Conceptual Work Amongst The Creative Community.

The Foundational Skills Of Sketching, Drawing, And Shading Are The Best Learned Using Graphite.



Ease Of Use, Great Detailing, Softer Look, And Faster Completion Are Characteristic Features Of Color Pencil.Graphite And Colour Pencil Work On The Same Principles Of Going From Light To Dark And Saving Whites.

This Medium Allows Us To Explore Depth By Using The Multiple Layer Technique.Shading By Blending In This Medium Allows For The Softness Of Varying Degrees. The Use Of Colour Pencil Can Help With A Gradual Transition From Graphite To Watercolour. Having Said This, Colour Pencil In Itself Is A Complete Medium Owing To The Presence Of Colours; Many Artists Around The Globe Prefer To Work Only With This Medium.

Pen & ink

My Mother’s Love For Art And Passion For Life Has Been My Constant Source Of Inspiration. I Grew Up Seeing Her Sketch Stunning Portraitures; One Of The Major Reasons For My Pull Towards The Subject And Also My Skill For The Same. Studio A Is In Tribute To Her And Portraiture Always Keeps Me Connected To Her Memories.

I Also Look Up To Mr. Javed Hussain, A Senior Watercolor Artist. He Encouraged And Guided Me In The Initial Days Of My Journey With The Medium.

I Am Greatly Inspired By The Watercolor Works Of Steve Hanks, Marcos Beccari, Alvaro Castagnet And Meeta Dani, A Dear Friend.